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  • Semen Detection Lab Test

Semen Stain Detection Forensic Laboratory Testing

This is a best solution to confirm infidelity, rape, early teen sexual activity, and child molestation. Semen stain detection laboratory service will detect and recognize traces of the semen in stains on personal items and undergarment. This is a good service in case you want somebody professional will do it for you. Our laboratory personnel preferences are to apply reliable technologies and provide accurate results within acceptable time frame.

To avoid any false readings our laboratory looking for a high level of the enzyme, called acid phosphatase, which is present in the male semen even after a vasectomy.

The cost includes testing of one normal size garment (underwear, pants, and shirt) or 2" diameter stain. Please call to discuss pricing for large items such as blankets. If your article is large such as a sweater, coat, or blanket, please cut out and send in only the area to be tested.

  • If you are interesting in non-destructive test and return of the item which was tested, you’ll need to pay extra, includes the return mailing cost.
  • If you want you could mark the stain spot by adhesive tapes installed around (not over) the spot.
  • This service does not include DNA extraction and comparisons, but this service also available, see the DNA Paternity forensic test service.

A semen screen is conducted by a lab technician to determine the presence or absence of semen on the sample you submit. A positive result will be obtained if semen is present, even if the male has had a vasectomy. The ability to obtain results may depend on the age and condition of the sample, as well as the amount of material that is actually present. Conducting this test is useful to determine the need to proceed with a DNA profile of the stain.

Infidelity test results take approx 2-3 weeks after our lab receives your test samples. Results will be sent to the email address used to make this purchase.

It is very important not to store the sample in a plastic bag.
Always mail the sample in a paper envelope which includes in our collection kit.
Don’t forget to fill out and mail with the testing item Infidelity test form. It is required to obtain the test results over the phone.

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Semen Detection Lab Test

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