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  • PaternID DNA Paternity Test from CheckMate.

When considering a paternity test, it is best to determine the specific purpose for which it is to be used so as not to necessitate repeat testing to comply with legal requirements. A legal paternity test requires participants to be identified and verified. If a client wishes to maintain privacy and does not anticipate the need to conform to strict legal procedures, home testing is highly advisable.

Home paternity testing follows the same stringent procedures that assure accurate and reliable results. The only question in its acceptability is mainly about the source of the specimen. Inconvenience can be avoided by choosing accredited forensic laboratories that are able to provide proper guidelines to their customers. Proper handling of collected specimen is not really a problem among reliable and accredited forensic laboratories because they do take care of their business. They also maintain confidentiality in communication regardless of what type of testing is chosen.

The truth does set people free even if the results are not always as expected. A person’s paternity will always be a part of one’s identity. Not knowing the truth is like not knowing half of who you are. If you simply need to know, go for a DNA paternity test.

Paternity tests are now able to offer options that accommodate additional test participants such as when there is more than 1 man alleged as the father, or test mother, father and child, or more than one child.

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PaternID DNA Paternity Test from CheckMate.

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