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  • DNA Detection & Comparison (compares stain & swab)

If your semen stain detection test result is positive, then you could want to take a DNA profile comparison test. The DNA comparison by forensic laboratory can help in determining who the semen belongs to. The solution for you is to send a sample of your own DNA to be compared to the DNA that has been found on the sample submitted or in your possession.

Your Purchase for Forensic DNA Profile Comparison includes the following:

  • Prepaid Order form
  • Swabs for DNA extraction
  • Chain of custody stickers
  • Envelopes to place used swabs for submission

How to Send Us Samples for Forensic Laboratory DNA Comparison Analysis:
Use the kit we send to collect a comparison sample. To do these rub a swab that we provide inside your cheek. Then use the directions provided in the kit to ship the items collected to the lab using the Pre-paid order form. Results will be emailed to the email address used to place this order.

DNA test results take up to 2 weeks. Results you could obtain by the toll free phone line 1-800-498-5015

Please Note: Your purchase is to test one stained item, against one comparison sample. Items sent without payment or items sent with incorrect payment (such as non-standard samples sent but paid for as standard samples) will NOT be processed.

  1. Our forensic laboratory routinely tests 16 marker systems for high resolution results. Not all laboratories who participate in the CAP proficiency surveys test 16 markers (some as few as 4 markers). Our 16 marker test (15 markers plus gender marker) is 100,000,000 times more accurate than a 10 marker test and 400 times more accurate than a 13 marker test.
  2. Accuracy matters. Results have effects on important life decisions. You benefit from our economical prices and our high quality DNA tests. You can be confident that our test offerings are very accurate and are among the well-accepted in the industry.
  3. We guarantee > 99.999% confidence level result when the mother, father and child are tested. Paternity testing is something that is very personal and can affect life-altering decisions. We take this very seriously.
  4. Our laboratory is a specialty laboratory that ONLY performs DNA testing for Human Identification, Paternity and Kinship studies, relationship testing, twin zygosity, infidelity testing, immigration testing, etc.

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DNA Detection & Comparison (compares stain & swab)

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