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Affiliate terms

Affiliate Program  
The GetCheckMate Infidelity Home Test - Semen Stain Detection Affiliate Terms
Affiliate Program Terms and Conditions

The following Terms and Conditions shall govern the participation of an individual or entity in the GetCheckMate Infidelity Home Test-Semen Stain Detection Affiliate Program will shall be subsequently referred herein as the “Program”. The words “we”, “us” and “our” shall refer to getcheckmate.com while the words “Affiliate”, “you”, and” yours” shall refer to the accepted applicant.

1. Definition of Terms
A. Customers are persons or entities who purchase the product/s we offer
through getcheckmate.com.
B. Commissions are payments made by us to our Affiliates for referral sales
under this Agreement.
C. An Affiliate site is a website owned and operated by the Affiliate which has
linked to the Program site as identified by the applicant.
D. Program site shall mean getcheckmate.com and other site/s expressly
designated as such.

2. Any individual or entity can register with our Affiliate Program for the purpose of obtaining commission payment through referral sales. All applicants are required to provide information as requested in the online Sign-Up Form and warrant full and legal power and authority to enter into this Agreement as well as the capacity to perform obligations as specified herein. Individual applicants should be at least eighteen (18) years old.

3. Acceptance into the Program is deemed official upon the applicant’s receipt of notification from our Affiliate Team confirming the accepted Affiliate’s ID, username, password, and URL link.

4. Affiliates earn 20% commission from referral sales as a direct result of referring Affiliate site visitors to our Program site through the use of our pre-defined website banners and text links. Affiliates hold the prerogative of choosing which banner or link to display on their sites. Modifications on prepared banners and links shall be subject to specific guidelines as determined by us and shall only be used upon our express prior approval.

5. Affiliates will perform the main task of soliciting prospective customers to purchase our product and shall exert every best effort to promote our product in the best light possible without resorting to unethical and illegal marketing practices such as but not limited to spamming, false advertising and trademark infringement.

6. For our part, we exert our best efforts to provide suitable tracking mechanisms to ensure that Affiliate records are kept current and correct. Affiliates hereby acknowledge and agree that such mechanisms cannot be 100% error-free specifically those arising from circumstances beyond our control. It is the Affiliate’s responsibility to make sure that the provided tracking mechanisms are properly implemented to their site.

7. An Affiliate’s acceptance into the Program is not to be construed as authority to represent getcheckmate.com beyond what is expressly stated in this Agreement. As such, no expense or obligation shall be incurred by the Affiliate in the name of getcheckmate.com.

8. Affiliates of getcheckmate.com are free to join other Affiliate Programs with the exception of programs maintained by our direct product competitors.

9. getcheckmate.com reserves the right to amend the Terms and Conditions of this Agreement as the need arises. An Affiliate’s continued participation after the enforcement of such amendments shall be deemed full acceptance of the modifications. Terminating one’s account is the only remedy available to Affiliates who find amended Terms and Conditions unacceptable.

10. We reserve the right to terminate an Affiliate’s account for non-compliance with the agreed Terms and Conditions.

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