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Signs of a Cheating Spouse - Signs of Infidelity

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 A few true cheating spouse stories from real users of the CheckMate test kit.

A man's wife came home from a 4-day business trip. She brought home a suitcase full of dirty clothes, including a pair of soiled undergarments that he discovered later that day. Because husband suspect is his wife cheating, this appeared to him to be an obvious sign of wife infidelity, he purchased the CheckMate Infidelity Test Kit to test this suspicious stain for the presence of semen. He had not had sex with her in weeks but discovered semen stains on three different articles of clothing from her trip with the CheckMate test kit. 


A woman's husband was spending 3 hours every Sunday evening visiting his son at his unmarried ex wife's house. He made ridiculous excuses about his relationship with this woman, while at the same time telling her that she is crazy for being suspicious for cheating. Upon returning from one of these visits, she discovered a large stain with a stiff starchy feeling, in his white cotton briefs. As a result of this prolonged period of unfair treatment she decides to verify if he does cheating on her and take action by purchasing the CheckMate Infidelity Test Kit to test the stain for the presence of semen. Before leaving the house he had all clean clothes on, including fresh underwear but now, when he gets home from his ex wife's house, he has semen stains in his underwear. She does need any other signs of husband's infidelity.


A young woman was 8 months pregnant and due to unforeseen circumstances her best girlfriend fell on hard times and needed a place to stay. She woke up from a nap one afternoon to discover her husband and her best friend sitting way to close together on the couch. Her husband was wearing only swim trunks and her best friend was wearing her black bikini. They both acted surprised when she walked into the room and her gut instinct told her, that her husband cheating on her and this was a definite sign of infidelity.   An hour later her friend got dressed and left the house and she decided to take action. She managed to get her friends bikini bottom and use the CheckMate Infidelity Test Kit. She discovered a large semen / sperm stain that appeared to have been recently deposited - isn't it enough to be sure that her husband cheating.


A man and his wife of 15 years just moved to a new home about 6 months ago. Right away he noticed the guy next door seemed overly friendly to his wife but he's a busy person and he just forgets about it. The two of them don't have any children, he makes very good money and his wife makes a comfortable home for him to come home to. One day his wife announces the fact, their neighbor got switched to night shift and they have been, "Walking their dogs together" every morning. Then one morning the man came back home from the office to find the neighbor in his living room at 9:30 A: M. He decides to find out what's really going on by purchasing the CheckMate Infidelity Test Kit. He is 10 years older than she is, he knows she wants sex more often, but he's been so busy. Now he just needs to find out the truth. It turned out to be, "almost to easy" he said. After laying in wait for just a short while, he uncovered the sexual relationship between the two of them. 


A young man and his girlfriend had been living together for several years while he worked the night shift as a professional at a hospital and she went to law school during the day. He became suspicious when she suddenly started going to the movies every night with "friends" from work. Then one night she came home very late and before coming to bed she changed her underwear, which he thought was very unusual and suspicious. After getting only a few hours sleep she again changed her underwear before going to school. Upon receiving the CheckMate semen detection test kit and performing the tests both the underwear she was wearing when she came home from the "movies" as well as the underwear she wore for only 4 hours while sleeping tested positive for the presence of semen. Upon being confronted with the evidence the woman in question admitted to having sex with a coworker and the two soon to be married individuals separated. Read the actual letter