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True Stories of Semen Detection


It is such a great relief to be able to talk about a very sensitive issue of infidelity in a strictly professional manner when I purchased a CheckMate Test Kit. I am waiting to use it to set my mind at peace about my suspicions about my partner.

I am more familiar and more appreciative of the CheckMate Infidelity home test kit after having used it this last year.

Checkmate is the real deal. I had some clothing tested at a certified DNA Lab that is ISO certified and have all the legal certifications a lab has to have. The same clothing I tested with Checkmate, the Lab found to be positive for sperm and semen. They even sent me micro pics of the little devils. All this was after I had the items checked with Checkmate. This product is the real deal, case closed!!!!!!

I have had the opportunity to use your product on three different occasions. Not  withstanding the obvious reason for the product, it serves as an additional tool for the investigator on behalf of the client to determine if sexual intercourse actually occurred.

After being in the business for 20 years it is my personal opinion that most clients involved in these type of investigations are  looking for positive proof before they make a decision about someone they are involved with. Surveillance Photos, written reports and audio transcripts all are helpful investigative tools. The ability to determine the presence of semen on garments is another element in the investigative process for the client to use in the decision making process of civil action.

"My husband stopped seeing his hunting buddy after I used you kit"  More

Is my spouse cheating on me? This is the question that goes over and over inside my head. Thanks to CheckMate, I did catch her before making a fool of myself any longer. What she did almost destroyed me and left me with nothing. I’m thankful that I have recovered and proved myself better than my cheating spouse. Adrian, Miami

I wasn’t strong enough to live with a cheating spouse even with the promise not to do it again. Such promises are so easy to give yet very difficult to do. If he decides to leave her, I will not do the deciding for him. As for myself, I will most probably file for divorce and continue with my life on my own, at least for the time being. I am in no hurry to get into a relationship again having been stung by acts of infidelity of a cheating spouse. But I know I’ll be OK. Thanks CheckMate for giving me the truth that I needed. I saved my life when I caught my cheating spouse. Cruz Chicago, Illinois

We have tested your product and would like to begin selling it in Denmark.

Not only did you get me a great product in a timely manner, your support was excellent too.

It was worth it to purchase your product. 2 positive test results. Confirms my suspicions...
thanks so much!

Thank you so much, my heart has returned to its normal speed and my life can carry on as normal now. Your product is very useful and easy to use, thank you again.
The test was great and the result was expected. I am satisfied with the service. Thanks to you too.
It was negative, thank you I was praying it was neg. thanks again.

Many thanks for your e-mail. Yes, we will take another 500 kits. Please ship via cheapest method.

Harry Ganz
The Garden Pharmacy London

Note: CheckMate is a U.S. based company and depending on your location all orders made on this website are shipped from either Atlanta Georgia or Seattle Washington.

Thank you for your help and kindness in this mess...I certainly couldn't talk to anyone I know about this so you have been a godsend. I may use your services one more time if I need to ( hope not ) and if need be for someone else. II am highly recommending you!
I'm happy to say that all her tests were negative. Did the test on my own sample too and I and just wanted to get a hold of you to say what a great product.
We are very interested in adding the Checkmate to our assortment. Also, if you have high resolution pictures that you could e mail to us it would be of great help. We are pretty close to our printing deadline for our 2010 catalog, and would love to include your product.

Thanks & best regards

I received the order today.  It confirmed my suspicions.  25 years down the drain.  Very sad but your product helped me with an important decision.  It's not the first time but it will be the last. Thanks for your help.

2nd e mail from same person....

Subject Feedback form from CheckMate

I forgot to mention when confronted it was confessed.  Also, I had the clothes hidden for 7 days prior to using the test kit.

As you know we love your product and Checkmate continues to be a top seller.
We finally got the mall's consent to sell Checkmate.  Please prepare an invoice for an initial order of 50. Depending on how quickly we sell them, we will gradually increase the order to 100-200

Just did the test and it reacted instantly before I could even count to three. Haven't had sex with her in weeks either so I know it wasn't me and I know for sure it was positive. Also tested a known positive and a known negative too and got correct results from both.

We are the largest DNA testing company in our country and we receive many enquiries asking if we can test someone's partner's underwear for semen. For ethical reasons our lab does not offer this service but we would like to find out about stocking your kits to offer clients.
You were right, I kept on testing and I caught her this weekend using your product. There's no denying it either. I hired a husband and wife private investigation team that actually tailed my wife for a week and saw them being intimate in a bar but they couldn't get solid proof they were having sex and after the first two sets of tests were negative I really didn't know what to do. At my age getting a divorce wasn't something that was going to bother me all that much but I needed conclusive proof of a sexual affair before I made my decision about what to do. You did that for me and not only do I appreciate the way you sent me another box free, I did another round of testing, I got an instant positive result this time, and like I said, I finally caught her red handed. The test kit gave me the power, it gave me the options, and now it gives me the control over the whole situation. Anyway, thanks again for what you did. You were there when I needed you, you have a great voice, and it was so clearly obvious that you were very concerned about my situation, something I really, really appreciated.
After one of my neighbors came to me the other day with a text message from my husband asking her if she got the picture of his **** my other neighbor and I just got done doing the CheckMate test on his jeans and got a seriously positive result. He came home drunk last night after going out with his buddies from work with white stains streaking down the outside of one leg of his pants, along with some other white stains on the inside of the fly area and I'd have to say that even though I was really embarrassed when I went and bought the kit, it worked absolutely perfectly and has now given me the final straw I needed to end this 21 year long marriage. Congratulations on your success and thanks for listening to us on the phone.

Thanks for taking the time to explain how the industry works and how the test works. As I stated you are by far the most knowledgeable person to whom I have spoken.

I placed an order yesterday for the buy 2 get 2 free promotion you had online. Here is the payment as per my conversation with the gentleman I spoke with. Thank you being so helpful and understanding with such a sensitive issue.

Thank you very very much for performing the tests for me. Very happy to hear the results were negative too. Yes, you can return it to the same  address. 

Thanks for voiding my order for me because as it turned out I didn't need it this time after all. I used Checkmate before and got several positive test results. So I ordered it again last night but just this morning she finally admitted what she was doing to me. Thanks for everything you did for me both times. I really appreciate it.

I was in a panic  because I wanted to have the package held for pickup at a fedex location but I forgot to put "Hold at FedEx" on the order form when I placed my order and was scared to death the package was going to go to my house. I did put in the shipping address though but as it turned out I picked the wrong address too which was really a fedex drop off box at a supermarket. By the time I contacted your company you had already found the right address, shipped the package, and sent me my tracking number by e mail.. What a relief! Thank you for taking care of this so promptly. I truly appreciate it.

I need to order more CheckMate test kits please. Our customers love your product and my company loves the way you have treated us over the years too. Thank you sir and have a great day.

Well with my teenage daughter unfortunately being sexual active I decided to do some checking and I found your web-site, I read all of the testimonials and I was convinced this was the product for me. I checked a-lot of different underclothes, and I also did a known positive, and a known negative, just to double check my results.  Wow, you talk about knowing for sure, there was absolutely no doubt in the results. Please feel free to use this picture on your site; it speaks volumes about the difference between pos, and neg. I’m still not sure about my daughter being sexual active, but I do know for sure that if she is, she is at least using protection. Thanks a million, BB.

Fedex 2nd day will be fine, thank you. She won't be active until the weekend anyway, I purchased this product once before at one of your listed stores in Des Plaines IL and they charged 69 dollars which included tax, guess it pays to go direct.

Tell your boss I said give you a raise because the product worked beyond my expectations and your customer service skills were equally amazing too. What a great product!

I am writing to request a test for use by our police department. I spoke with you on the phone a few weeks ago and you mentioned that I should send you a request on department letterhead. Please feel free to to visit our department website as well.

After getting 2 positive test results I am an absolute religious believer in your product. Thanks for letting me pay with a money order too and thanks for trusting me by sending the test kits out ahead of time. That's a pretty amazing company you have there.

After 25 years of marriage and after already enduring one affair about 4 years ago my husband began verbally and physically abusing me about one year ago. This whole situation finally reached the boiling point on February 1st (Super Bowl Sunday) when my husband cornered me after I had just gotten out of the shower and actually kicked me. The next day I had a huge bruise on my leg and luckily my sister convinced me to take a picture of the mark he left on my body because it was that photograph that would later convince him to get out when I told him he had an hour and a half to pack his stuff or I was going to call the police. That was a month after the kicking incident on March 1st 2009 right after I had used the CheckMate test kit to prove that the semen stains I discovered all over his underwear were in fact semen. He denied it, he said I was crazy, he said he had a wet dream, but I knew that was all untrue. Because if he did have a wet dream (he didn't, 50 year old men do not have wet dreams) he must have got up in the morning and wore those wet semen stained underwear to work, which of course is not what happened. I am very, very happy with the results and not only did your product bring everything to a conclusion, if I never would have bought the kit I would have been living in a bad marriage with all of his lies and abuse for another 20 years and I just wanted your company to know that on 3-1-2009 you completely changed my life.

You should have your own show because compared to Dr. Phil, Dr. Drew, or whoever else, you are the real McCoy. You opened my eyes and not only did I almost cry tears of joy after the test came back negative. I also wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart for what you did for me on the phone too. You've got to be one of the most caring people I have ever met in my life and like I said on the phone if you ever come to Phoenix I will pick you up at the airport myself. Thanks for giving me your cell phone number too because you truly are my new lifelong friend.

Hi - can you please send us another 200 Checkmate test kits.

After using CheckMate for the last four years our firm has had tremendous success with your product and truthfully nothing makes my job easier than using Checkmate. Last week we brought a case to a successful conclusion for a 50 year old man who's wife was cheating on him and just today our firm caught a another women red handed who was having sex with her own daughters 17 year old boyfriend. There's no doubt about how powerful Checkmate is and we're going to be presenting the evidence in court for for this latest case next week.

Thanks for everything you've done to help us too.

Note: The following testimonial appears courtesy of askmen.com

Guys, I just busted my girl. Saturday night we couldn't get a baby-sitter so she leaves me alone  (despite my pleas) and comes home at 6:30am (bars close at 3am.) She tells me they just carried on at a friends place. Yesterday I'm doing laundry and notice a large "stain" in her panties. I instantly knew what it was, and knew it wasn't mine... so after a little online searchin' I found the checkmate kit, www.getcheckmate.com/ , bought one at the local spy store and tested the panties for semen. BUSTED! I confront her with the stained undies, and she blames it on "girl stuff." I told her there was a test kit I could buy downtown and make sure. She says "go ahead, if you don't trust me" 10 minutes later she's showering, changing, and doing the laundry (even though there wasn't really any to do... So I question her about the sudden urge to wash the suspected panties.... she calls me "paranoid." Then I bust out the kit, and the samples i had done earlier... she still wouldn't confess!!! Then I show her a q-tip swab in a zip-loc and announce "well if you can't account for semen in your panties then you were raped! Good thing I kept this sample for the police." finally I got a little truth. She claims a one night drunken mistake, but I'm sure this has gone on for longer. Doesn't really matter... Now I've got a lying, girlfriend to get rid of.

My advice; Get proof. Give her a chance to confess. Then play it by ear
All the tests I did were all negative. Thanks for your help

This is the second time I've used your product and luckily this time the test was negative. Because the last time I used it the test results were not only positive, she admitted everything she did, and an independent DNA lab in Houston even confirmed the test results for me and also proved the semen that I discovered was not from me. The guy she cheated with even submitted a cheek swab for testing too. I actually went so far as hiring a private investigator to try and catch her back then and even he couldn't find out what she was doing. I ended up doing it all myself with your product and now after nearly 20 years of marriage all the red flags are beginning to show and I suspect she might be seeing that same guy again.

My wife and I have been separated after 12 years of marriage and your product really gave me the closure I think I needed to move on with my life. The only thing I'm worried about are the kids but for me the positive result was absolutely a relief. I will be sure to recommend CheckMate.

My only wish would be that there was something I could do to repay you for what you have done for me because I have never experienced the kind of customer service I got from your company. You were so caring and so understanding  that in a time when it seems like the whole world is falling apart your company was not only a breath of fresh air. As far as I'm concerned the CheckMate company is the best company I have ever dealt with in my entire life.

You're the best. Thanks for the help

Product was exactly as advertised. I received the product when I expected and it has worked flawlessly.

I love you guys. You're wonderful!

We used the CheckMate product on a recent episode of the television show "Law and Order" and I wanted to thank you for your help. If we ever need another semen detection kit for the show we'll be sure to give you a call.

I gave her a second chance after your product worked amazingly well for me about 4 years ago. She admitted it back then too after I did the tests and even though things have been going pretty good for the last few years I think she has gone back to her old ways again which is why I am purchasing CheckMate again today.

Thank you so much!!  Please destroy the garment. I will refer your services to anyone who may need this.

Thanks again

In the seventeen years we've been in business we have never had a product that sells like CheckMate. It's the same at all 3 of our stores. I don't know what it is you guys have going on on your website but CheckMate has almost become our favorite product because people just walk in, they buy it, and they leave. All of our other products we have to stand around all day explaining how they work, but with CheckMate it's like the people already know want when they come in the store and they just come in, buy it, and leave.

I'm a regular customer of your company who purchases Checkmate on a regular basis. I have developed a fairly successful business using your product and I wanted to tell you that not only have I put quite a few minds at ease using it, Checkmate truly is amazing.

Thank you for taking time to speak with me on Friday. It was comforting to hear that there are still companies of integrity like Checkmate that stand for something. Because our DNA lab has also dealt with some of the same type undermining that you have at Checkmate with regard to unethical webmasters too. As a result, in our efforts to further expand our company we would like to partner with related industry leaders like CheckMate to build mutually beneficial relationships. Our laboratory was founded in 1997 and is fully accredited by the AABB (American Association of Blood Banks). All testing is done on site within our laboratory. I have attached a copy of our brochure to this email for your review. I look forward to finalizing our agreement and to creating this mutually beneficial  partnership for our DNA laboratory, the Checkmate company, and all of our customers.
Perfect. Very, very good. Money well spent.

 Thanks! It works!! - e mail me for the "cabin" story.

Just a note to let you know money order was mailed at 11:40 this morning. Thank you for your professionalism.
You forever changed my life and there is just no way to describe how powerful  the product you're selling really is and what it did for myself and my family. I also wanted to apologize to you for being so rude on the phone, and looking back now having my neighbor call you back probably wasn't the best idea I've ever had either. You were not only right about everything, as it turned out your test kit was right too and I guess it was all just a little bit to much for me to handle finding a semen stain on the sleeve of my 17 year old daughters jacket. Sorry for putting you through all that. The tests were confirmed and I just wanted to thank you one more time for doing what you did.

I wanted to thank you for sending my kit to me even though there was a problem with my card that day and I just wanted to make sure you got paid. The test also worked perfectly just like you say it does. I got a positive result and her friend told me the whole story afterwards. I already knew it anyway but CheckMate helped me regain some self respect and now I'll just let my lawyer take care of it.

Fantastic product and an even greater company

Our agency has been using the CheckMate product with great success for many years and  we would like to order more kits at this time. Also,  please let us know if you would like a testimonial from us.
We are a company providing genetic tests and after using CheckMate for a few cases our demand for your product has now increased and we would like to begin providing it for home testing.
After a successful test of CheckMate with a PI this afternoon we are faxing our initial purchase order and want you to know that we appreciate being listing us as a retail outlet for CheckMate on your website.
Per our discussion today please send me 4 CheckMate kits (buy 2 get 2 free). Enclosed is my money order. Thank you also for listening and explaining things to me. Hopefully this will help me get to the truth.
Wonderful.  Client was happy... we were lucky to find your site.
We have been stocking this product for more than 4 years now. We are located just 1 mile from Fort Worth, Texas
We use the CheckMate test kit in our lab as a test for the presence of semen.  The kit is very well-suited for this type of test. The kit is easy enough to use and after using it on a regular basis I have  found the test to also be convenient and reliable.
I am a police Chief in Illinois. We are going to be using the CheckMate product in sexual assault cases here in our jurisdiction. I have spoken to our prosecuting attorney about this and we are both looking forward to using your test kit in these cases.
Just wanted you to know that I caught my girlfriend cheating with CheckMate a couple of years ago. After admitting the affair we worked things out. But just recently I suspected her again and this time the test was negative. Your customer service people are something like I've never seen before. I called after getting this negative test and I've truly never spoken to such a caring person ever. I'm sure now that I won't need the test again and want to thank you for helping me the way you did. I am eternally grateful.
I asked a friend of mine who is a police officer to help me try and dig up information about my wife and whether or not she was cheating on me. He got on the internet, found Checkmate, and told me this was the product to use. It was a good thing too because after getting a positive result from her underwear I have no doubts that she is doing something with someone else. I am quite certain of the positive result and I am even more certain it didn't come from me. To prove it, I sent the underwear to a lab to have a full DNA test done. I read the testimonials on your website before I bought the kit and after doing the test I just wanted to let you know what happened with my test. Thank you very much for helping me get this all straightened out.
I purchased your product after receiving an anonymous message on my answering machine at work saying my wife had been having an affair with another guy for over a year. We are going through a divorce anyway but I just wanted to see for myself. I waited until a time when I thought for sure she was doing something but was totally surprised when the underwear I wanted to test had no stains anywhere. It was then that I found out just how powerful your product really was. The underwear wasn't stained with semen but the panty liners I discovered in her garbage sure were! I mean, these thing lit up like searchlight when I tested them. To confirm the results I also tested a brand new panty liner right out of the box as well as a sample of my own semen. You're right, CheckMate is absolutely amazing and I want to thank you not only for listening to me, but also for printing my story. It can only HELP some other guy in my position!
This is the second time I am ordering this product for my sister. It's truly phenomenal the way it works and I can't tell you the relief she has experienced by using it to check on her husband. 
I just called to thank you for an incredible product. It changed my life too. I wish your company the best and want other people to know that your product is awesome.
As a physician this is the second time I have recommended your product to one of my patients. This is a very ingenious device and I would like to compliment you on this amazing product. Thank you very much. 
It was a pleasure speaking with you on Tuesday Jan 17 2006, via telephone. I enjoyed our introduction. I spoke to my business partners about your product and we are very interested in an exclusive agreement to sell the product in the European territories that may be available. Further, we would also like to be listed on your website as an exclusive distributor.

I am the owner of Professional Investigations Services. I would like to say that the product works great and has already helped resolve 2 cases. 

CheckMate is a good product.  I hope I will never need to use your product again, and I will recommend Checkmate should the subject come up.
After testing my own semen stain and getting a positive result the test I performed on my wife's underwear proved to be negative thanks to Checkmate. There is no way I could have ever known for sure without this test and I want to thank you for your service.
Your product is awesome. I was shocked how well it worked. It will definitely solve my problem

I put her on the spot last night after doing the test and she admitted to the affair. The test did it's job.

Just wanted you to know that your product not only just proved me right, it also changed my entire life. My wife just got back from a trip to Las Vegas with two of her friends. She even told me that they met some guys and went out to have drinks with them twice while she was there. Of course that was driving me crazy and even though I kept asking her she continually denied doing anything and became very angry and defensive about it. The positive tests were from underwear that came directly from her suitcase and she still denied it. Then she finally admitted that on the last day there she did take a guy to her room and she did have sex with him!

I guess her friends are furious with her now too because they didn't even know she did it. You know what's really funny? Ever since she got back her and her friends have been going around saying, "What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas" too. 

There is no way to describe how I feel right now. The feelings of vindication and truth are almost overwhelming! She has now fully admitted what she did and believe it or not at least for now we are going to work on things and see if we can fix our relationship. 

Your company and your product are totally awesome and I sincerely thank you for what you have done for me. Please keep my phone number on file and feel free to give it to anyone who has any doubts about how powerful your product really is.

I bought the product for a friend of mine here at work. He wanted me to tell you that the product worked phenomenally well and also said you were a tremendous help.

Spoke to you on Friday and placed my order. Received my order on Monday which was much sooner than I had expected. Went home and did the test on my lunch hour. My test results were negative. YOU MAY NOT HAVE JUST MADE MY DAY BUT PROBABLY MY ENTIRE LIFE! Instructions were easy to follow and the test was easy to do. I will be talking around the water cooler and I will recommend this to anyone in a similar situation. I was hoping it would be negative. It's something that would have bothered me my whole life but thanks to you now I don't have to worry about it anymore.
This so important to me I'm communicating this to you via letterform for my own mental/emotional well being.

I work for Kaiser hospitals. I'm smart. I'm experienced. Still CheckMate saved my bankroll, the possibility of sexual diseases (currently in the U.S. 1 in 5 have some sexual disease), and maybe more than I can imagine since I am still living with my ex-fiancé' who is currently looking for her own place to stay since the test came back positive

I had gut feelings and hunches but never any proof. She is a law student so she is gooood at keeping that O.J. concept of "deny everything". (Just in the last few weeks she was talking about becoming a police officer).

I did very recently move my credit cards and bank account info. Since my last girlfriend 3 years ago took $15,000.00 when she left me for some millionaire producer. It's almost expected especially since my fiance' knows way too much about my money. I should have given her the name Snoopy. I followed my gut feelings when it came to money. This is what happened. Friday night 5.16.03 I moved my bank account info and credit cards-got all new stuff. While at work early Saturday morning I came across your site. I panic (a fight or flight surge of adrenaline) when I learned I could check for semen at home just as they do for victims of rape. I couldn't believe it. I called you guys from work and ordered your product. I gave you my visa info. Not remembering the account has been changed. IT WAS NEVER MY INTENTION TO RIP YOU GUYS OFF. Especially since I consider you to be my dear life-changing friends. No joke!

Jeez to test the very first article and have it turn purple before I let the 3rd drop hit the paper nearly killed me. Last time I was "with" her was 4 weeks ago. I wanted to smoke a cigarette. I don't even smoke! For whatever reason I thought I should start after this test. I called my mother! A 31 year old man calling his mother as if I was in Jr. High or something. I called you gut's next. Then I started to calm down. I had 9 blot papers left. I said a prayer and tested the "clean" underwear that she put on when she came home and  wore to bed after taking a shower. She must of only wore them for 4 hours maximum, and again it was instantly positive. I needed to see something not react so I tested the bra. No reaction. So with this I give my intelligent soon to be law degree fiance' a call while she was at work Saturday morning and her only comment was, "your sick".

Now today eleven days after my Checkmate test, two intelligent, mostly mature, were soon to be married adults are departing ways- in the best of terms considering what is happening in our lives. Please call me on my cell phone and I can give you the current visa info. Please accept my apology, I will forever extol your product.

I purchased your product online and received the shipment the following day.  Had two pair of my wife's underwear to test.  Opened the package and stared at the test kit for an hour, afraid to test the underwear.  my wife and i had not had sex in over ten days, so i knew that if i got a positive test, she had in fact, cheated on me.  we have been having problems for about two months and things were getting worse instead of better.  

We have been married fifteen years, we have three children, so there is a lot more at stake here than just two people and their self centered attitudes.  my wife kept tel