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Have your tests performed by a Board Certified PhD for only $179.00

Because we created the "Infidelity Testing" industry the CheckMate company has been selling and performing semen detection tests longer than any other company or DNA lab anywhere in the world. Our testing procedures are also considered to be the most accurate and reliable semen detection tests available today and we have the experience and ability to provide you with the information you need to deal with an impossible situation. 



  • 100% accurate semen detection test results
  • Fully certified DNA lab / not a DNA broker
  • All lab tests performed by Board Certified PhD
  • Written report provided
  • Tested item and test results returned to you
  • Read real stories

When purchasing the laboratory semen detection service online please be sure to include an e mail address that we can use to send you the required consent form that needs to be signed by you and included with the garment you are sending for testing. Nothing will come to your home unless requested by you and we will only contact you with the test results at the telephone number or e mail address specified by you. Call 1 800 498 5015 if you have any questions.



1. Air dry evidence before packing
2. Do not let two items of evidence come in contact with each other
3. Package evidence in paper bags or envelopes
4. Package different pieces of evidence separately


  • Please follow all Sample Submission Guidelines above when submitting evidence.
  • Place your order online or over the phone.
  • Initial payment must be received  before the tests are performed.
  • Please contact us at:(800) 498 -5015 if you have any questions about submitting samples for testing.

After placing your order you will receive an e mail with the consent form along with other information about the testing process.

Note 1: Please be sure to provide a phone number or e mail address when submitting your samples so that we may contact you with your test results.

Note 2: When placing your order online please choose "Priority Mail" ($5.95) as your shipping method and this postage will be used to return the tested item to you.

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